Maslow’s hierarchy of needs: facebook edition

A rainy Saturday in Whitstable in Kent.

A couple.
A couple of beers.
A LOT of cheese, oysters and clams and…. VOILA!

Maslow facebook

Who says romance is dead?

…actually we had a beautiful weekend by the seaside. After an amazing meal and our napkin revision of Maslow, we went walking out on a sandspit into the middle of the sea at midnight whilst a small flotilla of Chinese lanterns sailed overhead.

Just the two of us and the certain knowledge that we would get cut-off by the tide and our bloated bodies would wash up on the shore 3 weeks later, surrounded by the corpses of the rare lesser spotted something or others that were cruelly strangled by the wire frame of the bloody lanterns.
I hate the internet for teaching me these things.

But in your face, facebook! We survived the riptide, and the lanterns were reclaimed and repurposed by a flock of Whitstable artists. No dramas, just a beautiful clear blue sky and breezy Sunday morning promenade to clear the cobwebs.

And kite-surfing. Lots of kite-surfing, mostly it seems by men old enough to know better and smart enough to know this is as good as it gets.

Oh, and a clever dog. Queuing for a sausage sandwich. Just for facebook.

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  1. How I loved promenading with you, meeting the nice Sunday morning dogs, revising Maslow’s pyramid according to how folk gratify their emotional needs on facebook and troughing cheese! You are my favourite comrade thanks for a lovely weekend xxx

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