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Having spent the last couple of years putting all my spare time into organising The Games Way I promised myself that this year I would focus more on business.

I had a brilliant, energising and inspiring meeting last Friday – I’ve worked with one of the guys before but not the firm, and so I had to introduce myself to the CEO and give a bit of personal background. About 5 seconds in I stumbled as I realised I have been freelancing for TWENTY years this year!

Twenty years – how did that happen?! The original plan was to go contracting (tick), earn good money (tick), start a family (tick), find a bunch of like-minded folk, start a business and change the world (…not so much)

Over all the years I have been freelancing I, like so many other freelancers, have had lots of conversations about how we should work together and countless pipe dreams of some kind of utopian consultancy / software firm that does excellent work for really brilliant organisations that are doing good things to improve the world we live in.

And done very little about it.

Ok, so life got in the way – priorities change, blah blah. Don’t get me wrong, freelancing has been very good to me and it has meant I’ve been able to survive the rocks fate hurls your way from time to time without many lasting scars …but seriously, TWENTY years?

I love freelancing, I love working with directors and execs, I love improving the way organisations deliver a service to their customers. It is exciting to be always learning how things work and finding ways to do it better/quicker/cheaper. In twenty years there have only been a few weeks where I haven’t been excited about my work, where I didn’t know why I was there.

I love the influence I have in an client’s organisation, and I am totally committed to the organisations I work with. But I need more. I need to BELONG to an organisation that I can commit to for life, not just for a year or two.

Why? Because I want to deliver a better service to my clients too. I am convinced that speed of delivery of improvements is key, and despite what I might claim from time to time – I don’t have all the best ideas. A group of bright, imaginative, motivated people will spark off each other and spur each other on to do amazing things, and if we can focus this talent and enthusiasm for our clients then we can give them a service that makes the boardroom buzz with delight.


Do you want to help form a consultancy with a software development capability, focused on improving the service that highly regulated public and private sector organisations deliver to their customers? Does this sound like fun to you – is it the kind of ride you want to go on again and again?

If we have achieved good things together in the past and you think we should do it again, this is your opportunity. Email me and I’ll take you through what I have in mind. Lets pool our thoughts and see if we can get something exciting to work on.

Lets get something established by the end of March.

…are you in?

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