Happymon and Google Adwords

A quick update on the Happymon experiment.

You may recall that Happymon is the first web app I have released. It allows users to monitor their mood swings and it gave me the opportunity to test out a bit of responsive web design, linking with facebook, google adwords, etc.

In the 6 weeks it has been live Happymon has gathered 37 users (excluding me). The vast majority of these used the app once or twice, with only a handful giving it more than a week or so. Over 300 mood swings have been recorded to date, but on 5 days since 6th Dec no mood swings were recorded at all.

Google Adwords

I have found the results with Google Adwords most interesting. Overall here are the key figures for December:

Number of impressions: 13,007
Click through rate: 0.98%
Conversion rate (of those who clicked the ad, how many registered): 7.81%
Cost per registered user: £11.40

This is not my idea of a sparkling performance! So at the start of 2013 I re-jigged the keywords in the search terms and the figures improved markedly. Here are the figures for January:

Number of impressions: 10,064
Click through rate: 1.2%
Conversion rate (of those who clicked the ad, how many registered): 15.7%
Cost per registered user: £3.95

Which I think you would agree is a big improvement! So am I a secret marketing genius? …unlikely.

Adwords allows you to cap your daily spend, which is very useful. You spend money every time someone clicks your ad, and once your daily budget is used up, there are no more ads until the next day.

What I found was that “bipolar mood swings” was a relatively popular search, and the people searching often clicked on the advert, which cost me money. However I think the bipolar community are looking for something a little more substantial than Happymon offers, and very few people using this search term ever registered.

So the lesson here is not to use keywords to get a high number of clicks, but to work out which keywords result in a higher number of conversions. By excluding “bipolar”-themed keywords I saved a lot of clicks that never convert, which meant my daily budget didn’t get used up so quickly and so the ad was shown to other people more likely to convert.

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