About Mark Stanley

Mark StanleyMark helps executive directors bring their strategic IT-heavy projects to life, from establishing the initial business case and procurement of systems and services, through to implementation and bedding-in to become the new “business as usual” state. He knows a huge amount about how big organisations create, destroy, store, and use documents and forms, and luckily for his social life has the good sense to keep it to himself!

In 2012 Mark’s 2-year project to establish a new 187-mile walking path between the Olympic sailing centre in Weymouth and the Olympic Stadium in London came to fruition. Around 50 people joined the opening walk of The Games Way, and when they got to the Olympic Stadium 12 days later Mark and his friends were given front-row seats to watch Usain Bolt run the 200m. Amazing!

This blog is all about building a life outside of work. There will be experiments, mistakes, beer and cakes. The emphasis will be on making and learning through doing, with a liberal sprinkling of technology and cats and ducks misbehaving …well it is the internet!


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